WMF Espresso (Occasion)

WMF 1200 S

Anyone can be a barista!!

With a traditional filter carrier (semi-automatic) you need a lot of knowledge to use and prepare the perfect espresso; setting the grinders and finding the right pressure to tamper the grounded coffee is an art in itself. The WMF espresso does all these steps automatically. In this way the difference between two worlds is bridged; automatically & handmade.

Due to the bankruptcy of a lease customer, we offer the WMF Espresso machine for sale or by lease. Looking at the number of settings made (15.207), the machine is just one year old, so it can last for many years to come!

Bouwjaar 2017
Serial number 4253
Fully automatic Yes
Daily capacity 300 cups
Yearly capacity 15.000 settings
Number of settings 15207 (4/2/2021)
Suitable for Coffee, espresso and all milk options
Milk Can be frothed automatically or manually
Maintenance contract (SSO) Full-service paid until 31/12/2021!
Bean containers Approx. 550 grams per person
Dimensions (w x h x d) 723 / 580 / 540 mm
(600 mm for refilling the bean container)
Empty weight 75 kg
Power current (6.4 kW / 400V) necessary
Remarks At the end of 2020, the coffee machine received a full-maintenance service at WMF and the side panels were replaced (black). The machine has a small user damage on the front (see photo below).

The WMF Espresso machine comes with a fixed water connection for supply and drainage, a connection for power current (6.4 kW/400V), a coffee grounds container, 3 pistol carriers (2 double, 1 single) & a set of 3 different milk frothing jugs. The machine will be installed by a WMF mechanic and is free of charge!

New € 18.995,-
On sale for € 6,995,-
(ex VAT)

Starting from € 299 p.m
., WMF full-service (SSO) until 10/2023, in combination with an exclusive purchase of our Café del Mar Fair Trade coffee

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We offer lease for the chosen machine with accessories for a flexible period of 6 years, including a full service contract.

Call 020 363 93 22 fore more info.

Only valid in combination with Café del Mar fair trade coffee.

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