WMF 1300 S

WMF 1300 S

WMF 1300 S - one machine, 120 favorite coffees a day!

The WMF 1300 S is the latest addition to the innovative coffee machines of the WMF family. The machine is extremely reliable, robust and has a high performance. Due to two decoupled coffee grinders, the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300 S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. In comparison with the 1100 S, it's smaller brother, the 1300 S can produce two milk specialities like cappuccinos at the same time. And as you can expect from WMF, it is remarkably simple to use and maintain.

  • 120 cups per day
  • 30.000 settings on a yearly basis

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Dimensions (W x H x D)
22,8 x 34,4 x 46,9 cm

Power supply
2,2 kW /230 V

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We offer lease for the chosen machine with accessories for a flexible period of 6 years, including a full service contract.

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Only valid in combination with Café del Mar fair trade coffee.

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